Thursday, June 23, 2005

However you shout....

However you shout, you will never beat the X-43A's speed!!!

X-43A is a NASA's guinness winning scramjet plane and holds the record of 9.6 Mach... Wow!!!

So, it flies 10 times as fast as sound goes. I've heard sprinters such as running on 100M track in 10 sec may feel strange visual scenary during their sprint; they see views flows away and see only a spot over the goal line. But, they can run only just above 20miles/h, which is only 1/30 of sonic speed. If I compare the fastest man on the earth versus the X-43A, the future machine can fly more than 300 times faster than the man.

So, I wonder what I feel and what I see if I sit on the jet flying at about Mach 10!!! It should be way beyond humans imagination...

I'm curious how human brain reacts under such incredible world. Does the circumstance activate their brains more or rather, inhibit some normal activation in the brain??? Someone has to do it on the place :P Well, as you can easily think, if the jet accelerate too fast, then G force would fightlessly terminate your heart and lung function... :P