Friday, June 10, 2005

Lever... That's raw!!!

Have you tried this Japanese original raw lever sashimi? It really looks like beef, or tuna fish though, it is lever. This time, I went to eat this in Saitama with friends, and the taste was really amazing! I was expecting something more bloody, as you can imagine how lever tastes like, even raw one! However, it turned out to be very fresh, tastes like more tuna fish. So it wasn't rather good than I expected and than you can imagine.

Reba-sashi {Lever Sashimi (Raw Lever)} Posted by Hello
Bottomline is, though, it's still better to try tuna fish rather than challenging to have uncooked lever. Or, even I prefer raw beef, which is called "Yukke" (probably Korean food originally). Well, I believe that there is no food can beat multiple series of fresh sushi at a nice sushi bar in Japan where is located near by ocean/fish market!!!

Sushi is ever! That's what I thought by having the Reba-sashi.... :-P