Monday, June 20, 2005

No regulation for playing othello on the street!?

That was really hilarious to find those two girls, even one of them on the left is wearing Yukata (a Japanese traditional summer dress), were playing othello on the street next to the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

You may believe that's normal thing to catch a glance that two old men playing chess on the street right next to a cafe in Europe or one of the western countries. I totally agree with it. But, the thing is though, even they are playing such puzzle game with folding their legs!!! I know in Japan, they play traditional table games by folding their legs, for instance, "Sho-gi" or "Go". But, they are usually held inside of a house!!! Not on the steet!!! Plus, othello is not Japanese traditional thing at all what she needs to wear for formal performance at all!!!

The scenary in my eyes is like what you are wearing a swimsuit and lecturing about serious politics in front of university students in a math class.

There is no way that I could come up with such insane idea!!! So, they've got 5 stars at the street performance from me in which many other is doing generic, normal, and usual music or comedy performances.

That's what they need to do. And you know what, this is happening not only once a year but on very every weekend at the street!

Amazing place here is, Tokyo!!!