Monday, June 20, 2005

"Playing Music Prohibited"---Can't they read the sign!?

The sign-board on the back of the performers says, "Playing Music Prohibited" in red.

There may be something under the table thing between the city regulators and those players; however, it was so funny to see that they might be playing such music right in front of the sign.

That was in the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, this time, I was so amazed by finging many people in a huge park--- of course, this is Tokyo, I should remind--- plus at the same time, that was really sensational to me seeing so many people performing on the street for free!!!

Well, getting back to the point, I was so inspired by them and was made me feel doing something on the street sometime... well... what can I do??? Showing off my stupidity? funny face? crazy Maro dance? or very simple--- a drunk guy with a can of beer wandering on the street with my roommate!? :P The right answer is... probably you get it right :P