Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The road to the US Capitol

I took this picture in 2004 in Washington DC, the US. I have nothing to talk
about, but simply, I can say... the world's economy, peace, and stability is
lost... If the country states theirselved as a leading country in the whole
world, I'd like to ask them to be a leading RESPECTABLE government that
would never get ANY objections EVEN from its own country. I understand that
all people are different; however, such government (the president B*sh)
should obtain his higher degree by his own intelligence to learn how to
control his country, how to maintain citizens peace, how to promise what he
would said before, how to speak correct English...
Well, since I don't know much about what his situations are, and it should
not be easy though, at least native speaker should be able to use correct
grammar so that no reportor at his talk would not complain about his
horrible grammatical mistakes that no one can easily understand...
Is he a really such world-leading country (this earth)'s leader??

If there is a such straight way to the INSIDE of Capitol in which I can just
give them a small talk, I'd like to walk straight, and I'm not confident
with my English, so I'd employ a TRANSLATOR to give them a talk, because it
should be a shame that if anybody raise a hand and claims about my
gramattical mistakes...

The street seems to be very flat, clean... I hope, in reality, people who
can join to the Congress had much more ability to correct his educational
level to even at normal level that he can think and talk by his own words...

Anyway, this is the straight road to the Capitol... to the center of the
world, to the center of the madness... May this world would become more
fair, safe, no-war, peaceful planet...