Wednesday, May 11, 2005


On the last day of the Golden Week (one of the longest national holidays in Japan), I went to watch a baseball game. The game was so exciting, and luckily we could get the front row in left outer field. The game was totally controlled by a team, Softbank Hawks, but we could watch many hits and runs. Unfortunately there wasn't homerun in the game; however, there was one liner shot right in front of us! The net was tumbled so hard that you can never feel it by just watching through TV.

One of things you can find in Japanese baseball is supporters. In the outer field, funs filled with the outer field and cheers players. And amazingly, they have certain way to cheer each player. So if there are 9 players, they sing (cheer) a song for each player in different way. So here, I thought that Japanese baseball teams do not need to hire their cheerleaders, because supporters are more than enough to do that.

I recognized one thing, even they look just normal in town; however, they are really into and excite with the game in the stadium, makes them great well-cooperating cheer-leaders!!!