Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Just relax... Here is Mt. Fuji.

Now, I live in Saitama where is close to Tokyo, about 30 min away.

A cold, early morning, just one of my normal day. But the sky was sky blue, very warm air, clean air... Something was different on the day... I went out to barcony at my apartment... And then, WOW!!! There was the Mt. Fuji, which is the most tallest mountain in Japan!!! I couldn't expect this at all!!! It was like a dream, day dream, or even I doubt whether I was still dizzy right after I woke up in the morning... But it was clearly reality, because here is the proof of the Mt. Fuji from my apartment!!!

From the window Posted by Hello
from the window

Close-up Mt. Fuji

It's not quite nice picture on my small compact camera though, this is the best view of the year 2005, already!!!

If you wanna see the same, please come visit me... Until the end of February 2005. Because I will be movein' out to metropolitan area soon. :(
So it will be my last chance to see the beautiful snow capped Mt. Fuji from my apartment for a while... Quite for a while, may be never...

What can you see from your window?!