Monday, April 11, 2005

Finally in Tokyo

Hey hey hey,
Finally, The Maro has come back to "Tokyo"!!! :P If you know The Rock, famous American wrestler, you will understand this phrase... jejeje.

Anyway, seriously, I moved to Tokyo. Here is very comfy for doing everything except looking at Mt Fuji, until a couple of months ago...

Now, I moved to this place, and one of the cool thing at this place is that I can take a look of 360 view from the top of my apartment because my room is penthouse in the building!!! I will show you the 360 world from my penthouse on a cloudy day :(
Attention! even though the place is penthouse, it is only 4 floors plus one for this sight viewing floor :P I just can climb up from my room on 4th floor.

You can click each frame to see larger pictures :D

Well, it looks way better no night time, especially in the first picture direction, where you can see several tall buildings. The tallest in the pic is so-called "Sunshine 60". It used to be called tallest building, but not today.

I hope I can update similar pic during the night. Having a glass of cognac smoking, looking at those nice beauty skyscrapers is my favorite moment now :)

As you can see (imagine), most shops are located on the bottom of those buildings, just 10 min walk from my room. That was never happened in the US before (Oregon/Virginia) except New York...

My second life in one of the biggest city has just started. I'm excited!!! I just need visitors to my place! Shall we drink at my penthouse apartment!? :D