Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will you listen to sad or joyful music when you're sad?

To my knowledge, some listen to music that matches with ones mood but others do opposite ones.

For instance, some people try to listen to fun music (i.e. trance/pop/up-tempo) in a hope to drag one's mood from sad to fun. Such people is willing to control their mood from sad (which is not good for the most of people) to something better, fun.

However, the other group of people prefer to listen to rather sad music when they are sad. Such people may be aware of their mood and prefer to enjoy(?) being the same mood as sad, just like teaching themselves the mood they are undergoing.

So which person are you?

The former case, which is same for me as well, may be better (at least for me) to get out off the sad (bad) mood thereby trying to maintain to be normal status as much the music can drag as possible.

In the meanwhile, the latter case may also be better for them for realisation.

Where in the brain contribute/decide such choice???

Research needs to be done, but do you know any example?? It would be great! I'm interested!