Friday, September 09, 2005

Master of psychology should master fiddle, too!

so, one of my co-worker was playing violin in our lab. and this shot is my first entouchment with a fiddle. Seemed so difficult, but also fun, too :D

I used to play trumpet quite a bit, and this experience was very fun to me :P In the biggining, I worried that I might break the string in a sec, but it worked well, actually :D Well, it doesn't neccesarily mean I could produce hermonic nice sound thou.

I discussed about the relationship between classical music and thought before. That was, something like... while listening to classical music, I was full of many innovational thoughts, ideas. So now, I wonder if not only listening to them, but we PLAY music, can we facilitate the brain activity? If it is, does it facilitate more? or rather intervene it?

Well, of course as for me, if I play violin, my neurons shall be undergone managing producing a right code, so there wont be any possibility that I can think about somethingelse, unfortunately...

But what if experts do??? Good question, isnt it?!

In conclusion, I like playing instulements. :D (what a poor conclusion jejeje)